Hi, I'm Tracey!

I am a graphic designer

Welcome to my Portfolio!

Hi there! Thanks for stumbling onto my portfolio and taking the time to peek at my work. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions, so feel free to reach out!


Happy Clients satisfied with my freelance & misc designer work.


Projects that range from freelance and designs for companies.


Years of experience in the graphic design world!


Awards & Certificates in: Web Page Coding, Graphic Designer of 2019 at FIDM, Employee of the Month

Some clients include

I've been creating designs since a child. From the days of Xanga to Myspace, and now - designing for companies to market their business.

Bishface Apparel
Cheerily Co
Brag Cup
Brighter Future Learning Center
Be Proficient Learning Center

What type of stuff do I create?

Spreading joy through creativity. Design should be seen & enjoyed.


Eye-catching logos that will surely steal a visitor's attention.


Attracting flyers with a cute aesthetic.

Style Guides

Minimal & adorable style guides that will stand out.


Need some design work done? You name it, I'll bring it to life.


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Brighter Future Learning Center

Newsletter - 01

Brighter Future Learning Center

Web Design & Dev

Brighter Future Learning Center

Newsletter - 02

Food is Love


Math Squared

Web Design & Dev

Logo Design


Be Proficient Learning Center



Photo Manipulation

Sun & Moon

Style Guides - Branding


Hey there! If you would like to send me a message to work with you on a design project, please feel free to reach out!

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Located in Sunnyvale, CA


Upon request