Designer by day Cat mum by night.

I have a keen eye for paying attention to the smallest of details. I've graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from FIDM in San Francisco, CA, where I've learned from my teachers who were always designing pixel perfection. I've come to build that habit!

Hi there!

I'm Tracey, but my friends call me by my nickname, Rose. I've always loved graphic design since the old days of GeoCity, originally by Yahoo. I designed blogging website layouts, banners, and even Myspace layouts.

I'm currently working in Marketing at my current company part-time. I'm always looking for opportunities, so shoot me a call or email if you have a project in mind for me. Thanks for reading!

Tracey Yau

Graphic Designer

Pepper Yau

The Manager

Sesame Yau

The Troublemaker