The Mission

Our mission is to combine a friendly environment for dogs and owners along with the ability to socialize human to human, dog to dog, while sipping on our tea. Owners are able to bring their own dogs in which both parties can be at the cafe to meet new people and make friends. This will give an environment of relaxation with calming music as well as comfortable seating indoors.



We aim for the interiors to be clean & minimal, but chic. There must be plenty of comfortable seating for owners and beds for dogs to lay and rest. The atmosphere is chill and relaxing. Maybe we'll ditch a few tables here and there for more play with the dogs. There will be training pads and a bell for dogs to ring if they need to go.

Let's create a chill atmosphere we all can live in.


Our Focus

  • Dog parks are old school. The world wants to innovate with constant change and improvements - let's do this!


  • Dog parks are unpleasant, messy, and full of pollen. We can only sit on metal benches for so long. We want our pupper to have fun with other dogs and we want to socialize between the owners.

  • Dogs will make the place dirty. There will be routine cleaning daily, every lunch and dinner shift.




  • How can we solve this? FloufflĂ© is bringing the boom to you. It will be a dog cafe where dogs can socialize with dogs and humans can chat with humans.

  • Owners will clean up after themselves. Owners will clean up a mess if their pups go indoors with a reward of a cup of tea - not to be confused with rewarding punishment, but as encouragement to help keep the place clean.

Strategy Plan


Results and takeaways

Can humans chat with humans and dogs chase dogs in a chill atmosphere here in our decade?

Some key takeaways from this project are:

  • Innovation is key. Everything revolving around you is going to change, and it is going to improve. Constantly striving for the better is the greatest remedy of all.
  • Socializing with others should be important. Meeting new people is hard, but you got your pup with you along the way!
  • Forget the mess. Dog parks are so yesterday.