Concept Statement

Our technology design approach to the Home Depot is to ‘rebrand’ it by ultimately make it more exciting and appealing to come in. Included in this ‘rebrand’ are tablets that have the technology to upload a customer’s home and the ability to drag and drop the furniture into the space. This is an uncommon retail tool that will technologically put the Home Depot far ahead of their competition.

Our approach to bringing decor to life is by displaying The Home Depot’s furniture and accessories in a fun and trendy way. Showcasing a living room would draw the customer’s attention to the fixtures as everyone home has a living room. On the other side of the fixture will be a kid’s play area. Based on The Home Depot’s customer demographics, a large portion of said customers have children. Because The Home Depot does not currently advertise in store that they have a furniture department this display is a perfect way to increase awareness and drive up sales.

Our approach to the backyard oasis area is by including a pergola as it is an easy and fairly cheap way to revamp your outdoor living space. By providing an option and information of how to recreate it, this would not only increase sales of the gardening department, but also the lumber department. By showcasing trendy outdoor furniture with the DIY pergola, Home Depot can advertise the fact that they offer stylish outdoor furniture not only in stores but online as well. DIY planter boxes around the pergola are perfect for anybody. You don’t need to have a pergola in order to build them. This too would also aid in sales of lumber and gardening. By showcasing different arrangements of plants, customers can self-educate themselves either by the examples provided or on the tablets in the space. It would be very helpful to differentiate the plant arrangements by the level of difficulty it is to keep them alive.

Inspiration: Kid's Rooms, Indoors


Here are some inspiration pictures we have found - chronologically: kid’s room, plants-friendly living room, and a room for relaxation. The aesthetic colors of these rooms are noted and have been taken into consideration when creating our own home decor space for the store. Natural lighting is important, but warm colored lighting from tall lamps or tabletop lamps will be used when necessary.

It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax.

Inspiration: Pergolas, Outdoors


Shown here are some outdoor patios in a modernistic feel. The chairs and color scheme are consistent throughout our search for inspiration on pergola-inspired patio themes. Plants throughout the whole scheme is what we are aiming for - we want a very plant-heavy aesthetic so the whole outdoor theme would look very green and healthy. The owner would have to note on how to take care of these plants.

Beauty surrounds us, but usually, we need to be walking in a garden to know it.

Our Focus

  • Liven up the place. Fresh decor can bring a place to life.


  • Home Depot's advertisement is dry. How much excitement have we seen in the Home Depot ads? Do we find ourselves jumping out of our seats for a new style or product?



  • Liven it up! Let's spice things up and add floral decor upon our entrance of the store. Let's add pergola displays at front. Let's utilize technology and provide tablets and kiosks for customers to peek and build their own rooms.

Floor Plan

Bringing Home Decor to Life


We chose a reading room as a stand-alone display area at Home Depot because we wanted to appeal to the millenials who appreciate a little area for relaxation and reading. There are two chairs, a sofa and lighting from a tall lamp and there is also a tabletop lamp for lighting to read. This little area would be great for young adults who want to design their home with an area that can be their place to wind down from a long day of work or to relax throughout the weekend with a good read.


In addition to a reading room for adults, the kids need some love too! The kids would love this little area for them to play in. Tables in stylish designs to draw on for their art needs while sitting on comfortable short chairs. This room includes a tent that kids can play around in and have sleepovers with their friends! Modern bookshelf on the wall of the kid’s room as design and storage usage.

From Concept to Design

App for Phones:

App for Tablets:

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Results and takeaways

Redesigning Home Depot required planning and development. Working with an interior designer to plan infrastructure and layouts was a lovely experience.

Some key takeaways from this project are:

  • The best designs come from collaboration. Working with another team member allows you to expand your thoughts. Being able to discuss with another designer brings a different prespective during the concept process.
  • Design thinking is key to effective products. Be sure to map out all that you do so when you need to go back and look at a step in the process that you don't get lost.
  • Always look for inspirations. A stroll in the park or even a ride on the subway train can spark inspiration. It's everywhere and all you have to do is just look!