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About This Project

Front Page – Every color was chosen with care with respect to their characteristics and meaning.


Color Aesthetic – When a visitor opens the menu when they hover over ‘Programs’, links and information of the navigation are readily available to access and easy to read. The colors of the bars balance out the lengthy text which gives short descriptions of the programs and services that the learning center provides.


Schedule – I wanted to decorate something that would typically look boring – a schedule, with the beauty of color. In addition to this colorful aesthetic, the schedule has buttons where tables and tabs are used to fit all of the subjects of the center without bombarding the whole page with multiple schedules – demonstrating skills in attention to detail, concept development, and website functionality.


Footer – I decided to desaturate the footer to balance out the overall theme of colorfulness. Too much color can be tiring, so once the visitor hits the footer – they’ll get a break from all of the colors and then, you can enjoy the most popular color – white.